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December 7th, 2017 [Mike`s Diary]

Hello everyone!

Today proved an excellent opportunity to have fun in the snow!

We started the day by checking our Advent Calendar. The students found the 7 on the calendar and checked what was written under the number. It read, "Go to the park!".

IMG_2243 (1).jpg

We made sure everyone had all their winter clothes, then we loaded up the Pipi bus and headed to our favorite winter park.

IMG_2247 (1).jpg

Everyone wanted to play outside today, so we walked through the deep snow to find a perfect spot to try out our sleds.

IMG_2251 (1).jpg

IMG_2252 (1).jpg

We had fun helping each other.

IMG_2260 (1).jpg

After a fun but tiring sledding experience, we decided we should take a rest under the protection of a friendly owl.

IMG_2268 (1).jpg

It was time to go. We took the bus back to school and made sure we still had dry clothes. We ate our lunch and brushed our teeth when we finished.

IMG_2276 (1).jpg

We completed our workbooks and had time to try on some funny glasses!

IMG_2279 (1).jpg

IMG_2282 (1).jpg

We built a ship for our favorite hedgehog, practiced our Christmas song, and said, "See you next time!".

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